Why Social Media

In today’s market you need to design your website from the ground up around Social Media. Every page, picture or video that you are sharing on your website needs to be easily shared by a viewer into their social networks of which they belong.┬áThe reasoning is very straight forward, if someone sees your site and likes a piece of content they need to be able to pass that information on very quickly. It allows them to figuratively hand out your electronic brochure (website) to all six hundred of their closest Facebook friends, building your brand faster than ever before. The premise is simple and a must in today’s digital age.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays into this as well but in the past ten years I have not seen a faster way than the phenomenon of social networking for building brand recognition. Someone may find your site through a search engine, but then they can share it with their like minded friends instantly, giving target marketing a whole new definition. Social networking makes the growth potential staggering. Not to mention it’s free and your happy clients do the work for you.